The Dallas SWAT team is searching for a suspect in a hit-and-run incident involving one of their officers.

In an attempt to track down the suspect, the SWAT team went to an Oak Cliff apartment complex Friday morning.

“They told us they were looking for someone but not who,” said one resident.

Later in the afternoon, authorities detained a young man who authorities said resembled the suspect but who was ultimately released.

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“I have never had a gun that big pointed at me," said Brian Johnson. "I was terrified."

Since Monday, Dallas police have been on the trial of a 17 year old who was driving a stolen truck that he drove into a Dallas police squad car, sending it into a creek.

Sr. Cpl. Dale Ordogne was critically injured.

Residents near the scene said cars have been broken into in the area for weeks.

”Look at these people out here messing around," said David Guerrero, whose car was among those recently broken into. "I work for my stuff. I am kind of mad right now."

Sources told News 8 that police detained the teenage suspect and two others on Monday but let them go as they awaited fingerprint results to come back. However, when they got confirmation on Tuesday detectives still didn’t get a warrant.

In the meantime, police believe the suspect may have been involved in other crimes.

Thursday night, police saw who they thought was the suspect get into a truck at the same apartment complex where SWAT was Friday morning. That truck had been taken in a carjacking. Police chased the suspect but he once again got away.

There are serious questions about how this case has been handled and why authorities haven't arrested the man who nearly killed an officer.