Response times for calls for service at Dallas Police went up across the board in the month of October, according to a new report city council will receive on Monday.

Officers responding to the highest priority calls for domestic violence, shootings and stabbings are at 7 minutes, 52 seconds for the year but the time increased to 8 minutes, 39 seconds for October. That exceeds the 8-minute goal set by Dallas City Council.

However, lower priority calls for things like residential and business property crimes have now ballooned to more than 67 minutes, with the average in October exceeding 80 minutes.

That kind of response time sounds great for John and Christine Erdeljac, who waited more than 600 minutes for a Dallas Police officer to arrive after a burglary Sunday.

The husband / wife small business team owns the popular Jonathon's restaurant on North Beckley in Oak Cliff near the trendy Bishop Arts District.

Christine Erdeljac says an employee called them at 6 a.m. to let them know the business had been broken into for the second time in ten days.

"I called 911 and we both headed to the restaurant to meet police," Erdeljac said. "They didn't show."

In order to preserve the crime scene for fingerprinting and processing, the owners turned away 300-400 customers who arrived for Sunday brunch.

"It's our busiest day of the week, 20-percent of my business was today," Erdeljac said. "I lost all of it."

City councilman Scott Griggs represents Oak Cliff and told News 8 on Sunday response times have gotten out of hand.

"The new normal is unacceptable," Griggs told WFAA in a statement. "We are going to see many changes at DPD in the coming year. Policing by task force will transition to policing by patrol."