One year after a Dallas film critic was hit and killed crossing Mockingbird Lane the search continues for the white truck that hit and him left him for dead. Meanwhile his friends are mounting a campaign to name the gleaming white pedestrian bridge now under construction over that busy road after Gary Murray as a tribute to his work in the arts community and a tribute to the last person to die before the bridge construction finally began.

A hit-and-run driver struck Gary Murray has crossed Mockingbird at the Central Expressway 10:15 p.m April 22 last year. The truck sped away. Neither witnesses nor surveillance images were able to record a license plate number.  Murray died in the early morning hours of April 23.

“This was not an accident. This was a crime,” said Murray’s best friend Donald Ford. “Witnesses when they see somebody get hit and fly 50 feet, they worry about the person and not getting a license plate, so it’s like how do we solve this?”

Dallas Police have not been able to solve it. They are still asking for help from the public. Anyone with information is asked to call DPD at 214-670-5817 and reference case number 096049-2016.

The added frustration for Murray’s friends and family is that the Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridg  e, part of the northern extension of the Katy Trail, is finally under construction after years of planning.

“That it takes somebody actually getting killed in the middle of a high profile civic event to actually get it moving forward it’s really frustrating,” said friend Devin Pike. 

So frustrating, that two days ago Pike started a petition to have the pedestrian bridge named after Gary Murray: a tribute to his work for the arts community and, he says, a tribute, to the last person to needlessly die in this street.

“And I hope that if anything happens from this it keeps somebody else from getting injured or killed in a similar fashion,” said Pike.

“To have it named after Gary who was killed I that intersection, that’s just the right thing to do. It’s kind of the right end to a story,” added Ford.

A story with the horrible irony of a soon to be gleaming white bridge while police still look for that driver’s white truck.

“The only other thing we can do is get the bridge named after him and the people that were responsible for this horrible criminal act to be brought to justice,” said Ford.

Justice waiting…one year, and counting.