A Dallas Police Department SWAT officer and an area nurse are being thanked by Bishop Edward Burns after they helped save the life of a parishioner who went into cardiac arrest following a Mass.

Officer Darian Loera and nurse Magali Reynoso were both at the Cathedral of Guadalupe in Downtown Dallas on Saturday.

Both aren’t members of the church, but they attended a Mass that day because of an awards ceremony honoring some of their family that was scheduled afterward.

Reynoso and Loera both said they were making their way inside the reception when a man suffered a heart attack.

“He was on the floor, wasn’t breathing, and didn’t have a pulse,” Reynoso said.

Loera started performing CPR but was getting nowhere. At that time, he told WFAA that he said a prayer.

“It was kind of one of those, ‘Hey I need some help like right now—can you help me out,’” he said.

Thankfully, Reynoso was nearby. “A lady said, ‘do we have a doctor or a nurse here?’” Reynoso said.

“And I said, me!”

Reynoso saw a defibrillator and got to work. “I connected him to the AED machine, and gave him the first shock," Reynoso said. “Darian had started the compressions, and I gave him mouth to mouth.”

Reynoso said that the man started to breathe after that.

“We felt the pulse again, and after that, the ambulance got there,” Reynoso said.

Dallas Fire Department took the man to the hospital. Bishop Burns met with the victim and took a picture from his hospital bed saying he was in good spirits.

For Reynoso and Loera, they both believe they were at church for a reason that day.

“He had angels with him there, you know?” Reynoso said.

“It was definitely something divine,” Loera said.