DALLAS – There has been a big uptick in K2 cases across the City of Dallas, according to Dallas Police Department administrators. Some residents say the drug and its impact are getting too close for comfort.

The Bertrand neighborhood of South Dallas is a quiet community with a lot of character, according to neighbors like Willie Mae Coleman. She has lived in the area eight decades.

"We enjoy living here," Coleman said. "We want to maintain our life and want to maintain and feel free."

But lately, Bertrand neighbors say a lot of foot traffic from strange characters, high on strange substances, has been creeping into this community.

"Recently, we started having problems with the drug addicts, and this K2… whatever it is," Coleman explained.

Its cases and users across Dallas are popping up on videos all over social media. It is a man-made synthetic chemical based drug. It’s a substance that Dallas police say is being sold on the streets, in many cases for a quick $5 high.

"It produces a violent seizure," said DPD Deputy Chief Gilberto Garza. "Paranoia, psychotic behavior, zombie-like appearances from what we've seen in Dallas."

Coleman and her neighbors say K2 users are walking around the streets like they're in a trance.

Coleman explained, "They stop and they lay down wherever they feel like they want to lay down. In the middle of the street, in my hedges, on the sidewalk."

Dallas police say they've had about 230 K2 related arrests over the past year. The hot spots for enforcement, right now, include:

-West End DART station

-Lamar and Commerce

-500 Park

-Denley and Morrell

-Beckley Saner

-Kiest and Lancaster train station

Neighbors and emergency workers say the calls for service have been tying up police and ambulance resources.

"It's other things they got to do," Coleman said. "We are so afraid that if we get sick, and really need an ambulance that we won't be able to get one."

Families say they just want police to take charge of the K2 issue.

"I want to be safe," Coleman said. "I want my neighbors to be safe."