DART Officer Brent Thompson's mother wiped away tears as he was remembered for his bravery and sacrifice.

A special memorial service was held for him Thursday at DART police headquarters.

"Today's observance of this solemn event has a special significance to us," said Officer Courtney Brown, Dallas Police Deparment. "For the first time, the DART Police Department will add a name to those officers who sacrificed their lives so others may live."

Thompson's uniform and boots are encased at DART Police Headquarters along with his medal of honor.

He died alongside four Dallas police officers in the July 7 ambush after he confronted the shooter.

District Attorney Faith Johnson spoke at the ceremony.

"We love you," Johnson said. "We appreciate you. Job well done. Continue to do what you do."

Denise Hunter handed Thompson's parents a bracelet she wore during a 250-mile bike ride from Virginia to Washington D.C. in honor of the fallen.

"It was truly an honor and privilege to ride as a survivor for their son," she said.

Denise's husband, Sgt. Greg Hunter, died after he was ambushed at a Walmart in Grand Prairie in 2004.

"It is very very difficult because we never forget," she said. "For me, my husband continues to be loved and he will always be remembered and his life still matters."

DART named a street in front of their headquarters as Officer Brent Thompson Way. He's the first officer killed in the line of duty since the department was founded in 1989.