DALLAS – Police are investigating reports of a group of attackers who beat, robbed, and carjacked a man in the Deep Ellum area early Friday morning.

Deep Ellum is a busy spot near Downtown Dallas. It is growing with new businesses, residences, and crowds.

“There’s people everywhere,” said Cesar Luna.

There is also continued concerns, by some neighbors, that some blocks are becoming busy for all of the wrong reasons.

Neighbors in the Deep Ellum Community Watch group are responding to video of a street fight that was posted on Facebook Thursday night.

Bartender Pierre Mora published a community alert. In it, his head is bandaged and bloody. He warns people he was robbed, beaten, held hostage, and car-jacked by three men on the 2500 block of Main Street.

”It’s unsettling,“ said Chavis Hamilton.

The attack happened on the same block where musicians Hamilton and Luna perform regular gigs.

Hamilton said, ”I’ve been here a bunch, you don’t even think about it, but you hear something like that, you don’t really feel safe.”

Dallas Police say Mora was pistol whipped by his attackers, as the unidentified suspects demanded he drive them to an ATM. They ended up at Mora’s home in Cedar Hill, where the victim managed to escape. The robbers drove off in his car and dumped it nearby.

The crowds in Deep Ellum, and crime, have been such a concern that some of the businesses, property owners, and residents have been taking a new approach, collaborating to crack down on the crime.

Jessica Burnham, Executive Director of The Deep Ellum Foundation ays the community has been working to be proactive with its safety initiative before Summer hits.

In addition to security during the day, the Public Improvement District is now hiring off-duty police officers to patrol the area at night.

Hamilton said, ”I think it would make people feel safer walking around.”

The extra security brings comfort to some folks in Deep Ellum, as one injured man warns others to avoid traveling alone, and to stay safe.