An Irving man was being brought out of a medically induced coma Monday evening after being buried in a Florida sand dune while on vacation over the weekend.

According to family and friends Lee Goggin, 35, had dug a hole into the side of a sand dune on a beach in St. Augustine.

The tunnel was large enough for him to fit inside the hole.

A photo provided by family members, but asked not to be shown depicted the father of three inside the sand dune with a window-like hole and his two sons, ages 4 and 2 playing outside nearby.

Rachel Goggin told friends and family via Facebook that doctors were working to warm her brother back up to allow him out of the coma and to conduct neurological testing.

Florida investigators told First Coast News in Jacksonville that Goggin went past a "do not enter" sign and made his way down to the beach on Sunday afternoon.

He was taken by medical helicopter to a nearby hospital.

The apparent freak accident has shaken the gym where Goggin has worked since SWEAT Dallas opened in 2011.

Personal trainer Joe Long said Monday was not easy day.

"It's hard, we're just trying to send good vibes his way," Long said.

Long and his colleagues know Goggin has overcome a lot of medical challenges in his life. He was born with a rare genetic condition that prevented him from being able to sweat. That condition led to kidney failure and an eventual transplant from his brother Aaron in 2014.

Lee Goggin shared some of the perspective of that experience with WFAA content partner Fort Worth Star-Telegram back in July of 2014.

"You realize what kind of sacrifice it is for him to come in and give something that is perfectly on him already to you,” Goggin said of receiving a kidney from his brother.

Long hopes his longtime coworker and friend can recover again this time.

"We really need a miracle for him to pull through with this,” Long said.