DALLAS -- Several area police chiefs are expected to attend Wednesday night’s Operation Blue Shield event at Concord Church in South Dallas.

And they might want to bring their dancing shoes.

One of the keynote speakers is Tommy Norman, a police officer in Arkansas whose methods of community policing have garnered him more than a million Instagram followers, who log on to see videos of Norman dancing and entertaining the community he serves in many different ways.

“I have been blessed with a huge platform to spread the mission and the movement across the United States,” said Norman in one of his Instagram videos.

His efforts have been recognized across the country and Norman said he sticks to a philosophy that authority should be paired with dignity, respect, and compassion.

The type of community interaction displayed by Norman can help ease tensions about police and race according to Operation Blue Shield. Their Power of One Speaker Series will be held Wednesday night and aims to turn distrust into trust.

“It gives us a platform to ask the hard questions and we get input from both sides,” said Operation Blue Shield founder Toni Pickens. “Rather than yelling at each other and upping the volume, we have civil dialogue.”

Concord Church is a predominantly African American church and Senior Pastor Bryan Carter will also speak at the event. Carter has also received praise for his unique and innovative ways to build trust and respect with Dallas police within his 9,000-member church.

Several area police chiefs, including acting Dallas PD Chief David Pughes, are expected to attend the event.