DALLAS -- For Attorney Brad Lollar, a dog named "Lamby" is the first case of its kind for his career.

"My job as a defense lawyer for 40 years and my job specifically now as the deputy chief of the capital murder division is to try and save peoples lives, and I feel the same way about dogs, if there is a reasonable alternative to putting a dog down, that's the route we should take," Lollar said.

Lamby, short for Lamb of God, was a staple in Dallas' Deep Ellum neighborhood. She was touted by her owner, Sean Baugh, as a sidekick, but many didn't see it that way -- online they accused him of abusing the animal and putting it in uncomfortable situations. Lollar is representing Baugh as a private attorney.

For months, neighbors have been complaining about what they see as animal abuse. The dog, sometimes rolled around the city in a child's stroller, is often strapped in a milk crate on the front of a bicycle. Hats and sunglasses are rubber-banded to her head while she serves as a roadside attraction for her owner to panhandle for money.

Animal activists and rescue groups in Dallas are scrambling to save the dog from being put down this week. They say the dog shouldn't have to pay for what they believe are the sins of the owner.

"The dog doesn't need to die for being a dog," said animal activist Lee Jamison of Awwdoptable, Inc.

On Wednesday, in a written statement the City of Dallas said it will hold off any action with the dog and that the city will respect a court decision.

"Primarily, this is my thing. The dog doesn't have to die because it was owned by a homeless man. That is not this dog's fault -- that doesn't make this a bad dog, and just because he's homeless, doesn't make him a bad person," Jamison said.

For now, the dog's owner, Sean Baugh, appears to be out of the picture. As for Lamby, her future will likely be decided inside a Dallas Courtroom.