DALLAS — The City of Dallas reported Friday that hundreds of fish have been found dead at two different locations as a result of "naturally occurring" conditions.

As many as 400 fish — primarily large carp — were found dead Thursday at the Pavaho Sump, near Winnetka Avenue and Canada Drive in West Dallas. Workers with Trinity Watershed Management removed most of the fish, but some could not be accessed "due to staff safety concerns."

In a written statement, Assistant City Manager Mark McDaniel said water quality in the pond and the adjacent Delta Channel was "generally normal with the exceptions of warm temperatures and low dissolved oxygen." He said the prolonged summer heat and a low water flow rate contributed to the fish kill.

McDaniel also said more than 150 dead fish were identified in the Trinity River near Scyene Road and Dixon Avenue in Southeast Dallas. "This incident remains under investigation, and water quality data are being collected and reviewed," his statement said.

Both incidents have been reported to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The city urges anyone with questions or concerns about water quality in neighborhood creeks and ponds to call 311.