DALLAS - West Dallas and South Oak Cliff are spotted with empty lots that will one day become affordable homes that will make homeownership possible for families in the community.

Habitat for Humanity plans to build 100 homes on empty lots in the area over the next year.

Among them are 46 lots where HMK homes once stood -- 35 in West Dallas and another 11 in South Oak Cliff.

HMK demolished the homes and sold the lots to Habitat for Humanity.

WFAA did a series of reports on HMK homes, many of which were in disrepair and deteriorating around the tenants who lived in them.

After the City strengthened its code enforcement rules, HMK managing partner Kraish Kraish threatened to get out of the rental business and evict over 300 tenants, rather than make repairs.

Many of those tenants had nowhere else to go, highlighting the need for affordable housing in Dallas.

This isn’t the first time HMK has worked with Habitat for Humanity. It has sold 150 homes to habitat over the last 15 years.

Some of those homes are currently under construction, on Muncie Avenue between Vilbig Road and Harston.

As for the rest of HMK's homes, Kraish said 100 have been sold to tenants. He is hoping to sell 50 more to tenants in good standing.

Ten others tenants in good standing don’t want to buy their home and are trying to figure out what to do. Six others haven’t paid rent since December, said Kraish.

Another 75 homes have been demolished, including the ones sold to Habitat.

Kraish said his partnership with Habitat for Humanity is part of a passion for creating affordable housing in the area and promoting homeownership.

Habitat for Humanity also has a program in which they’ll help repair homes for low-income people in the area.