DALLAS -- Check your Facebook or your neighborhood app and it won't be long before you see pictures of a suspected 'porch pirate' pilfering someone's holiday gifts.

The most frustrated among us are even booby trapping boxes with things that make enough sound to scare thieves away.

Others, like Rowlett's Gerry Freeman, are putting a camera in their doorway with boxes filled with random things from home.

"A glass jar with an old candle in it so it rattles when you pick it up," said Freeman, describing the contents of his bait box.

It's all in hopes of catching some Grinches in the act.

"I've seen a lot of my neighbors that have had this problem and I've tried to think of a way to try and either cut it back or stop it," Freeman said.

The shipping companies themselves have their own idea about how to fight back. They are lockers, and you'll find them in dozens of North Texas cities. FedEx, Amazon and UPS show where these lockers are located on their website. Many are near grocery stores, gas stations and other public places.

Customers choose the locker closest to them. An email lets you know your package has arrived, a code opens the door, then you grab and go without fear of sticky fingers.

Though fairly new, lockers may rise in popularity as the season for giving becomes its own battle against those who take.