DALLAS -- This week marks the launch of the fourth bike-sharing company to hit Dallas' streets in less than a year.

Dotted on Downtown Dallas streets, and some residential neighborhoods, they seem to multiply overnight. All waiting to be taken for a spin.

"I’ve been riding riding LimeBikes for the last four months or so," said Kevin Rodgers, who WFAA found riding a rental in Downtown Dallas.

He's watched as LimeBike, Spin, and VBikes made two wheels left anywhere rentable anywhere via an app.

"I can get all around Dallas, I can get anywhere I need to go," he said. And it's all for fairly cheap. "Dollar an hour, you can’t beat that!"

As of Tuesday, the company Ofo, founded in China, is the newest kid on Dallas’ blocks.

WFAA has seen some of you asking online if Dallas can really support four different bike sharing companies. You may say no, but the ridership numbers say why not?

"We’re planning to have over 5,000 bikes in Dallas by the end of the year," said Mary Caroline Pruitt of LimeBike.

LimeBike launched in Dallas in August. Pruitt said the demand from then to now has stayed strong. The company added an additional 500 bikes to the area just last week.

"[It] totals to over 70,000 trips," she said.

VBikes, based in Garland, said it has 1,500 bikes currently in North Texas. Expansions in Irving, Valley Ranch and Plano will bring them outside of Dallas in the coming months. VBikes said its bikes average three to four rides a day.

Of course, with saturation comes unfortunate situations. Dallas residents shared pictures they've captured of bikes under the waterline at White Rock Lake and sticking half way out of the Trinity River.

Some don’t like the clutter on city streets. But there are those for whom the bikes have become part of the neighborhood. WFAA found some Tuesday that had become a part of a Halloween display.

Still, can the love spread between several companies last? Time will tell.