ARLINGTON, Texas -- A Mesquite family got VIP treatment at the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday, after their home burned to the ground last week.

The fire happened last Monday, and the cause was determined to be electrical.

Anthony Daniels, his girlfriend, and their three teenage girls lost everything. Daniels says his community has been incredibly supportive, adding that many neighbors and church friends have given him donations.

“We're just trying to bounce back right now,” Daniels said. “My focus was taking care of the girls.”

Daniels and his family have already found a new place to live, but relocating and rebuilding certainly weren't how he planned to spend the holidays.

Enter T. Boone Pickens.

Pickens, a longtime billionaire and founder of BP Capital Management in Dallas, heard Daniels' story and decided to make his holidays more enjoyable.

Daniels is a lifelong Cowboys fan, and so are his girls. However, the 39-year-old has never made it to a game.

Pickens shares a luxurious owner's suite with Plains Capital Bank, and both entities decided to surprise Daniels and his daughters with suite tickets, along with sideline passes for Sunday's game.

When Daniels was escorted on the field, he was speechless.

“I'm just excited, I might not show it…. but I'm so excited on the inside,” Daniels said.

“I was just overwhelmed,” said Destiny Daniels. “I was like wow this is so big and there are so many people.”

It was a surreal moment for the family, who are fighting to get back to normal.

And even though the Cowboys fell short against the Seahawks, Daniels says this game was never about the score.

“To see my girls smile, it's the best thing,” he said.