DALLAS — Officers in the southwest Patrol Division have shot and killed three armed suspects since August. The latest incident happened Wednesday, when a potential carjacker was shot and killed by an undercover officer.

On July 7, the city of Dallas changed forever when five officers were gunned down in an ambush.

Particularly hit hard was the Southwest Patrol Division, where three of the officers worked.

"All of us are suffering from the grief related to the July 7th tragedies," said Thomas Glover, president of the Black Association of Greater Dallas.

Some of the same officers who were there the night of the tragedy went right back to patrol only to encounter more violence.

“There are people in our society who won't hesitate to use violence against an innocent citizen nor hesitate in many instances to use violence against a police officer," Glover said.

Violent crime is up in the city and the streets are more dangerous than they were last year.

"I think officers in this city may be on edge right now," said John Fullwinder, with Mothers Against Police Brutality. "And the chief has to be the one to say, 'You have got to use deadly force last, not first.'"

They say the investigations need to be transparent. They want all videos associated with the cases released.

"People have got to believe that the investigation is for real," Fullwinder said. "If a cop kills somebody and then before the autopsy is even released, before the grand jury even rules, he's already on armed patrol. Who can believe an investigation like that?”

Tensions are high but police believe they can continue work with the community to help arrest the more violent offenders and make both citizens and police safer.