Perhaps the biggest sign that Rowlett has changed is something you can't see.

The water tower is gone -- and so is the home under the water tower where Vanessa Graves and her family were nearly killed in December of 2015.

"Here we are about 19 months later and having to deal with medical issues and still not being able to function normally as we should," Graves said.

Graves is working to rebuild her life as her community quickly rebuilds the homes that were torn down. In neighboring city, Garland -- the city announced it will no longer distribute funds for rebuilding because the city is not receiving applications.

The City of Garland posted the news to its official Facebook page stating, "As of late June 2017, all cases have been reviewed and completed. Any Garland resident who was impacted by that tornado and still needs assistance should call 972-246-6011 no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, July 31."

In the 19 months since the storm -- the City of Garland says 92 percent of the homes damaged or destroyed are fixed -- according to the Rowlett long term recovery committee they're at a similar pace, but are continuing to distribute funding as needed for the time being.

"Six months of our lives after the tornado we spent it recovering it and everything started piling up medical bills car notes name them we have them all," Graves said.

As the long term help begins to leave its a reminder to Graves that life in her town is moving on.

"It seems like yesterday -- we were left with nothing."