DALLAS -- Andy Warren, a father of four with another on the way, stood and watched his East Dallas home burn Sunday night.

"You don't care about the stuff. You don't. At the moment and even now, I haven't mourned about any stuff. Stuff is stuff. I'm just glad nobody got hurt," Warren said.

And that could be thanks to his quick thinking. Warren had his fireplace burning when he noticed smoke was filling the second story of his house.

"When I noticed all the smoke coming this way, I came around like this around the corner and if you crawl lower, you can actually see where I saw the flames, which was in the chimney," Warren said.

Warren realized he needed to get his family out.

According to the Dallas Fire Department, the official cause of the fire remains undetermined. Warren said there was a fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately, it's a scenario that chimney sweep Chirs Overbey has seen before and one he works to prevent.

"As this smoke travels up the chimney, it get's cold, and when it gets cold, it get's sticky and it sticks to the inside of the flue -- over the course of a core of wood, you have all of this unburned wood lining your chimney," Overbey said.