DALLAS -- He could be the most unpopular man in the city these days.

Khraish H. Khraish is the landlord who wants hundreds of tenants out by the end of the month.

Now, that landlord is talking to News 8. But first, it's what he's telling those tenants he's evicting that's making waves.

Tenants, such as Henry Campos, who along with his parents, Anna and Roberto, who have lived in a small house on Shaw Street for the past 20 years.

It's the only house Henry has ever known and he admits, it's not much.

"It's not the best condition, but it has a roof," Campos said. But that roof is sagging and the wood trim is rotting.

Two weeks ago, Campos and his parents got notice they had until the end of the month to move out. The landlord company, HMK Ltd., was not able to conform to strict new city codes, so it's emptying and demolishing many of its properties.

In the past few days, the owner, Khraish, has allegedly been telling his tenants the city is forcing him to sell more than 300 of his west Dallas properties and preventing him from selling to his tenants.

"But as far was what we've been told, the City of Dallas is not allowing it," Campos said. "The city won't allow us to finance or even buy the property, so they are just basically kicking us out."

Community leader Hilda Duarte says tenants claim Khraish is telling them the same thing — that the city is behind the ruthless evictions.

Dallas City Hall

"The City of Dallas has sent letters to regular homeowners asking them to sell their property to them, as well," Duarte said. She claims a resident told her that, but she declined to provide no information of exactly who.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the allegations are false.

"Look," Rawlings said, "sadly, he's using residents as a human shield for this legal issue that we are facing."

Rawlings says he's been working for more than a year with landlords all over town trying to get them to fix up their properties. He says there's no conspiracy to free up land for developers.

"This rumor that suddenly we want to build big buildings where these home are is just totally false," Rawlings said.

One long-time tenant we talked to, who is also being evicted, supports the mayor. He asked that we not mention his name out of fear of retaliation.

"Instead of fixing up our houses," the tenant said, "he's throwing people out."

The tenant says Khraish tried to spin the same story with him this week, but he's not buying it.

"And [Khraish is] saying it's the city that's pushing him. The city might be pushing him to fix the houses, but not to throw the people out,” the tenant told us.

Khraish H. Khraish

So what does Khraish say? For months, News 8 has requested an interview with the man who has been described as the largest junk property landlord in the city, and for months, he has ignored our requests.

So, we caught up with him leaving his office Wednesday. Again, he had no interest in telling us his side of the story.

"Turn off your camera, Brett, I don't have a comment," Khraish said to News 8’s Brett Shipp.

We asked him why he was blaming the city for all of the evictions.

"No comment, Brett," Khraish responded. “Please get off my property."

He will be in court in two weeks. He's fighting a temporary injunction filed by the City of Dallas.

The City wants tenants to be able to stay in their houses. Khraish is fighting to evict them. He says he is willing to try to find them another place to stay.