A Dallas father said a 'serendipitous' moment lead to a Dallas police officer likely saving the lives of himself and his daughter.

Nate Brinkley was driving home through the intersection of Lovers Lane and Skillman Street last Friday night. It was just before 8:30 p.m., when he noticed a Dallas police officer in his squad car in the lane to his left. A half second later, police said a suspected drunk driver ran the red light westbound on Lovers, t-boning the squad car and pushing it into Brinkley's SUV.

"Every single airbag deployed in the officer’s car, so that tells you the impact," said Brinkley. "And we would have taken that had he not been there."

Brinkley said "we," because next to his groceries in the back of the car was his 14-month-old daughter. She was fine, and the only thing that isn't is a section of his side panel.

"By the very nature of their job, they’re always putting themselves in the position of being in the right place at the right time," said Brinkley, of police officers. "So all I know, is there was a lot of serendipity there. I was very lucky."

Sources identify the Officer as Seargent Shannon Smith, who suffered a minor injury in the crash. DPD has not shared an update on his condition. The red light runner was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but remains in the hospital and will be identified after he's booked into jail.

Brinkley said he drives through the intersection three to four times a day, and when he does, he’ll do it with gratitude that an officer was there when he didn’t know he needed one.

"I just wanted him to have the recognition because he took the hit for the infant," said Brinkley. ​​​​​​