It's small claims court but for John Everhart, it's symbolic of a much bigger problem. He says Dallas' pothole problems are severe enough to warrant legal action to protect drivers.

The Lake Highlands retiree filed suit in Dallas County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 earlier this month because he believes the city fails to patch potholes, even after city employees know of their existence and threat to automobiles.

The city of Dallas already denied his claim to recoup $1,181 in damage to his 2011 Porsche Panamera, when Everhart says his two front driver side tires were blown out and his alignment was damaged.

"This is not about the cost of the repairs," Everhart said. "I think the city abuses, uses their public immunity from lawsuits to delay repairs to streets and the cost is shifted on to drivers," Everhart said.

The city of Dallas utilizes both an online submission and the 311 smartphone app for drivers to submit problems with streets, which are then addressed as crews are dispatched.

No one from the city of Dallas has responded to Everhart's so far unsubstantiated claim of failing to repair a pothole despite prior knowledge.

"I can afford to fix my car," the insurance retiree said. "But what about folks living paycheck to paycheck, an $1,100 repair for a pothole? A lot of drivers can't afford that."