People came to the donation site for Hurricane Harvey victims because they were connected. Working out of the basement of a high rise building volunteers proved that heart-break is outmatched by good hearts.

"I have family in South Texas so we're worried about them," said one resident who brought a trunk full of items.

Trusted World is a donation management group that set up shop at 15660 N. Dallas Parkway in Dallas. It is very evident that their operation is a well-oiled machine. Every item brought in is carefully separated in its respective piles.

"We're just gonna keep sending stuff to the shelters but only what they need," said CEO Micheal Garrett.
There were cars lining the road, waiting up to 30 minutes, just to drop off what people had packed in the back. Sanja Bogdanovic's came from Fort Worth representing a mom's group. Her connection to what happened in south Texas is remarkable. She says she completely understands because she was a refugee from Bosnia.

"I know what it's like to lose everything. We asked what they needed, they said diapers and formula, so we came out," she said.

Dozens of volunteers moved quickly. They picked-up, sorted, loaded, and repeated that process hundreds of times on Monday. This particular collection site has been open since Saturday.

It's nothing a quick downpour in the middle of the day could stop. Volunteers were not fazed by the rain. It's not like we needed any reminders of what our friends and family to the south are dealing with.

"It's the best kind of sweating and wet when you're helping other people," said a volunteer.

Dominique Furuta's connection is closer than most other people. She didn't have to be at the donation site on Monday. She is a Houston resident and left for Dallas on Friday.

"It's heartbreaking even seeing that on TV not knowing what to come home to. It's tough, it's really tough. I'm trying to keep it all in," she said.

And here she is giving like the hundreds of others before and likely after her.

You can not know a single person down south and still feel compelled to be at a donation site because what hurts one of us...hurts all of us.

The donation site located at 15660 Dallas Parkway, Dallas. Its collection hours are from 9 a.m. to 7p.m. Monday thru Friday. Trusted World says it will take in all items but more importantly it is in need of a warehouse to put all these items.