Outside the Walnut Hill Recreation Center in North Dallas, Bishop Edward Burns prayed with Gulf Coast evacuees.

There's plenty right now to pray about; historic floods have forced so many from their homes in and around Houston.

"At the end of the day, all I want to do is stay safe," said Raven Radley.

Friday, Radley left her apartment in Humble, Texas, which is near Houston, and has no clue when she'll be back, or if she even has a home to go back to.

"I have no idea," she said. "I've been trying to communicate with my family over there. It's been difficult."

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The city of Dallas, along with the Red Cross, has opened shelter after shelter this weekend. Three are open as of Sunday night: Tommie Allen, Samuel Grand and Walnut Hill Recreation Centers. The city's main convention center, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, is slated to open up another 5,000 beds by Tuesday morning.

"We're anticipating, given the flooding reports out of Houston, we're going to be needing this additional space," said Ed Martelle with the American Red Cross.

The visuals out of Houston Sunday struck a chord with neighbors to the north, who stopped by the shelters all day long with donations.

"Everyone’s reeling right now," said Julie Borus, who says the least she could do was donate. "I brought some games. I brought food, flip flops. I brought diapers, lots of diapers."

"There were people who didn’t have the money to put a tank of gas in their car to make it to Dallas," said Jackie King, who also dropped off donations. "It's essential for those of us who are able to help do so."

"It's just indescribable," said Lorraine Adamore, a Houston evacuee. "They’ve been so merciful to us."

If you're interested in donating, here is the message from the city of Dallas:

"For people interested in donating, Dallas County VOAD member Trusted World will accept new underwear, new socks, new warmups for men, women, children and infants, toiletries/hygiene products, baby formula and baby wipes, bottles, diapers and the Graco Pac n’ Plays for babies to sleep in. Drop off is at 15660 N. Dallas Parkway, just north of Arapaho on the north side of the Parkway. Follow the signs to drop off donations. The donations center will open daily from 3 to 8 p.m. daily."