The State Fair gives a lot of joy, but it also takes away.

It's not your money or your hunger, though some could argue both. It's things.

Ask a fair-goer what the most lost item is at the fair and you'll get good guesses. Cellphones, wallets, kids.

They all end up at at Lost and Found. Right off the Midway, people leave what’s lost with Dallas police. In most cases, the big stuff is found. But there are other, little things, that have become their own attraction.

"It looks like we're in a children's shoe store," said Sr. Cpl. Melinda Gutierrez with the Dallas Police Department, who was manning the office Tuesday afternoon.

"It's a pretty common sight for people to come in and look at those," she said.

There are more than a dozen single sneakers and sandals that two ledges on the front window. And many people stop to take pictures, or just marvel at the sweet display of casualties from kids kicking off their shoes.

"Parents are ... looking at things, looking at what's at the fair, eating food," Gutierrez said. "You’re not going to notice when a kid kicks off his shoe."

At least not until you get home, and that makes the shoes the cutest and saddest items in the building. None of them have been reunited with their owners. With a few days left, there’s still time. It's also possible the collection might grow with another shoe flung off in the frenzy of the fair.