DALLAS -- Firefighters are battling a fire that broke out in the 2100 block of Main Street in downtown Dallas.

The fire was sparked after a gas line was cut. When firefighters got to the scene they saw the gas line in the ground had been accidentally penetrated by a construction company doing work to expand Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

Authorities have asked people to avoid the area of Main Street and Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

Both directions of Main Street have been shut down at Harwood and Elm streets and at Interstate 45, including all ramps.

"Gas service will be shut down and possibly impacting a number of locations in downtown Dallas," read a tweet from Dallas Fire-Rescue.

Several people, including those inside of the building right next to it, reported that they felt the impact when the fire erupted. There were only two people who had to be evaluated by medics, neither of which were taken to the hospital.

It's unknown the number of people that were inside the building when the incident took place. Even though most of the people inside evacuated the building themselves prior to firefighters arriving on scene, search teams still went inside to search the building and make sure no one was left behind.

With the gas still flowing, firefighters could do very little to extinguish the flames themselves. However, they were able to prevent damage to the building right next to it by putting master streams on it to keep it cool.

After Atmos Energy responded and the gas was shut down, firefighters were able to extinguish the remnants of the fire.