With the Lee statue gone, focus for the confederate monument task force in Dallas now shifts to other markings in the city, including artwork at city owned Fair Park.

The mayor's monument task force is expected to discuss at least three different pieces of artwork at their meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Inside the Hall of State building, two murals line the long walls depicting moments from Texas history dating from the 1500's to the Texas centennial in 1936.

“It's the history of Texas, illustrated," says David Preziosi.

Preziosi serves as executive director for Preservation Dallas, which focuses on the preservation and revitalization of historic structures in the city.

Also inside the Hall of State is a 14-foot gold medallion that depicts the six flags that have flown over Texas - Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America and United States.

“Each shield is the seal for the country,” Preziosi adds.

Outside the Hall of State sits six porticos, each one with a statue in front. The one representing the Confederacy has a woman wearing a crown with seven stars. The seventh star represents Texas as the seventh state to join the Confederacy after secession in 1861.

"You can see looking at the statue it doesn’t really have a lot of confederate imagery or any really in it," Preziosi said. “If you remove the confederate imagery here you’re removing how it’s presented as a timeline of history of Texas.”

The confederate monument task force could make final recommendations to the Office of Cultural Affairs as early as September 22, but a final report is due no later than October 12th.