It was the kicking that drew Marcos to the back door, thinking someone was breaking in.

When he got to the back of the house, he said he was shocked to find a Dallas city code compliance worker had kicked in the two backdoors.

“It doesn’t seem like it was their first time doing it,” said Marcos, who asked that his identity be concealed. “They were just like calm.”

Kris Sweckard, the city's code compliance director, said the workers with the department’s nuisance abatement division had been sent to mow high grass, but found it had already mowed. He said the workers denied kicking in any doors.

He said his department is cooperating with a Dallas police public integrity investigation into the incident.

It was about 11 a.m. on Wednesday at a vacant house on Waverly Drive in Oak Cliff. The house belongs to the mother of Marcos’ girlfriend. He and his girlfriend were inside cleaning because her mother plans to fix it up to move back in.

Marcos said he was in the front area of the house when he heard someone kicking at the back of the house. He said when he went to the back of the house, he found a city code worker standing in the open doorway.

There are two doors on the back porch and he said the worker had kicked in both of them.

“I startled him and caught him off guard and he just asked if I lived here,” he said.

He said the worker turned and walk away. Marcos says he walked to the front of the house and again confronted the city worker, who by then had been joined by another employee.

“I asked them what they were doing,” he said. “They responded that they needed to clean the backyard. And I was like, 'Ok, but what are y'all doing coming into the house?' And he just responded no, like they didn't do it.”

A third city worker, a female, did not get out of a city vehicle.

They say they explained to the workers that the house belonged to her mother.

His girlfriend said she called a city code compliance supervisor trying to figure out who had sent the workers. She said when she asked the workers their names, they left without providing them.

“When the guy left, he threatened us with the cops, ‘Next time I come I'm going to come with the cops,’’’ she said. “I was like ‘Ok, why are y’all leaving?’”

Marcos and his girlfriend said the house has broken into before and ransacked. They said that they're still shocked that this time it was city workers who tried to break in.

“I feel like they should do something to them because maybe it's not their first time,” Marcos’ girlfriend said. “Maybe they've done it before but because they’re dressed in City of Dallas [clothing, so] nobody is going to question them why they're at a house.”

They have now drilled and barricaded the doors shut to try to prevent anyone from breaking in.

The city said the workers remain on the job.