DALLAS -- In the Los Altos neighborhood of west Dallas, some neighbors say time is of the essence.

Some families are moving out. Other neighbors are on edge, wondering how long they will be able to hold on to homes they are renting from HMK, Ltd.

“It’s been very frustrating,” said a woman who identified herself as Connie. Like many HMK tenants, she says she is too afraid of retaliation to reveal her name or to speak out publicly about the more than 300 families who have been given eviction notices by the landlord.

Tenants say they were surprised to learn their landlord, Khraish Khraish, met with Mayor Mike Rawlings and Mayor Pro Tem Monica Alonzo early Thursday morning.

Khraish Khraish

Connie said many families who have been renting from HMK are just waiting and watching to see what happens.

“They are trying to figure out what’s going to happen. If they are going to be able to purchase the home, land, something,” she said. “Where are they going to go is mostly their concern. What’s going to happen with their lives now?”

The closed-door meeting between the landlord, city leaders, and city attorney’s office came after Khraish appeared before his tenants at a community discussion over the weekend. There were some heated exchanges during that meeting. Khraish continued blaming the eviction decision on the City of Dallas on Saturday.

Khraish Khraish spoke to renters on Saturday, Oct. 15.

“The truth is, they are shutting us down because there is millions of dollars in West Dallas neighborhoods, and that my houses in West Dallas is no longer welcomed there,” Khraish said.

Now, City Hall sources are hinting at possible plans in the works to reverse the eviction orders. City leaders are only saying communication between all sides is ongoing.

As for the impacted families, Connie says they have a lot of questions.

”They want to know where they are going to be at tomorrow,” she said. “Where are they going to stay at? Are they going to be under a bridge? Are they going to have somewhere to live? You know, that’s their main concern.”