A group of officers from the New Hampshire Police Association Pipes and Drums Band met Sr. Cpl Alan Solis at the funeral of one of the five fallen officers who was killed in the July 7 ambush.

"I was having a really tough time. I was in a bad place at that time,” said Solis.

It's a bond that formed during one of the Dallas Police Department's most solemn times.

"The tragedy that happened in Dallas struck a cord with officers around the nation,” said Lt. Patrick Cheetam.

The officers befriended Cpl. Solis and lifted his spirits.

"You are there to help, and you are there to offer anything you can do for them,” said Ofc. Daniel Wood.

At that time, the band members pledged when Cpl. Solis decided to retire, they would come play at his party.

This week, 17 of them paid their own way and traveled across the country to do just that.

"To me, there is no better honor than to have fellow officers make that kind of sacrifice for me,” said Solis.

The officers said it was their honor to be here.

“It means so much to Al to be quite honestly to see his face,” said Officer Patrick Mullen.

The band not only wanted to honor Cpl. Solis, but also honor the five officers killed. They stopped by headquarters to pay tribute to the fallen and to show what brotherhood and friendship meant to those who wear the badge.

The officers will also raise money while they are in town for the Assist the Officer Foundation.