In the alleyway, under a tree is where a father supposedly told police he made his three-year-old daughter, Sherin Mathews, stand for not drinking her milk. On Wednesday night, candles flickered in the same spot.

A woman from Plano felt compelled to come to the site and lay down Sherin's picture and some candles.
Five days later and there is still no sign of Sherin. But for the first time through, we are hearing from an attorney representing Sherin's mother.

"All she wants is for her daughter to be returned," said attorney Kent Starr who represents the mother, Sini Mathews.

Sini has not been charged with any crime. Her husband, Wesley, faces child endangerment charges and has another attorney. Starr was asked why the parents hadn't made public pleas to find their daughter.

"The mere fact that you don't hear from a person who is mourning, some individuals mourn differently. It's not indicative of anything," he said.

On Wednesday, WFAA learned Sherin was adopted from India. She came to the states in July of 2016. She came to the country malnourished. Police and the attorney say she was suffering from an eating disorder. The attorney says the couple was working through those concerns.

"She is distraught. As you are all aware, they adopted Sherin, and they love Sherin. Sherin did have medical conditions and did work to try to get those medical conditions under control," said Starr.

A police night out was scheduled this week for this neighborhood. Sherin's disappearance has Richardson officers working around-the-clock, so it was postponed.

It is a story that has many intrigued, raged, baffled, and certainly heartbroken.