DALLAS – A new 911 system will soon be installed in the City of Dallas. An option with the new emergency service program will allow residents to text 911 for help.

Texting 911 is a service several neighboring cities are currently using.

Candie Price had to text 911 for help during a domestic emergency in May 2016. Price says using her cell phone to call 911 could have been a life-ending move. She took a chance on texting police, and it worked.

Price said, "I wake up. I look at myself, and I thank god that I'm here. "

The young mom survived a shooting. The violent attack had her leaping for her life from an RV speeding 80 to 90 miles per hour down I-30.

“He shot me in my leg,” Price explained. “He shot me in my back.”

The early-morning chaos happened in front of two of the woman’s four children. Police say the gunman was Price’s boyfriend and the father of her kids. He led police on a chase before the RV burst into flames.

"Well, in the heat of the moment, I just decided that anything is worth a try," Price remembered

The woman said she had to act fast. She says her cell phone and the grace of God were all she had.

Price explained, "As I'm supposed to be calling my mother to say goodbye to her, I just decided to text 911 and it worked. "

Price says she was familiar with texting 911 for help from advertisements in Hood County.

"Sure enough, the authorities answered and replied back to it,” Price said. “I gave as much a description as I could, and in a matter of minutes, they were behind us."

Texting 911 is a tool that will soon be available to residents in the City of Dallas, part of the new 911 system the city is launching Dec. 5. City staffers anticipate texting will be available 60 to 90 days after the new system goes live. However, workers say there’s a lot of work to be done before people can text for help, including training.

Price believes just having the option of texting 911 is long overdue for a city like Dallas.

"I do believe that there needs to be some kind of solution to this problem that's going on,” she said.

Price calls texting 911 a program that saved her life.

You can text 911 in these Texas counties

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