Family members have been rushing to visit a couple of grandparents who were targeted during a drive-by shooting in South Dallas late Monday night.

"God is good," said the 64-year-old injured victim who did not want her name published. She was in a car with her husband and six-year-old great grandson when some unidentified gunmen began firing shots at their car on Elsie Faye Heggins Street.

The woman says she is still rattled after the shooting, and she believes it is by the grace of God that she and her family are still alive.

"It was a miracle,” the woman said, “because they shot through the trunk, and the bullet came through the back seat. "

The woman says the gunman shot her three times. One bullet is still lodged in her right leg. Her left arm was hit twice.

"The next thing I knew, the car was next to us, and he climbed out of his window again, and had the gun pointed at us and started firing at our car," she explained.

The woman and her husband say their car was targeted after dropping off a relative in the Frazier community. They were turning a corner and witnessed another drive-by shooting outside a car wash near Lyons Street. That is where police say three other people were shot.

The woman says her great-grandson was sleeping in the backseat during the chaos.

Neighbors describe the car wash as a common gathering place. The parking lot is still stained with blood from three of the victims. Some of the regulars say they are uneasy knowing the suspects are still on the run.

"This is a shock, as far as hitting home in our neighborhood," Bruce Smith said.

Outrage over another drive-by shooting is spreading quickly. A few blocks away, it was a point of frustration with urban specialists at their new 16 Streets Resource Center at Malcolm X Boulevard and Elsie Faye Heggins Street. The group has been working to help crack down on crime in the community.

"It felt like a set-back, in terms of efforts that we've been applying to kind of end senseless violence," Antong Lucky said.

As police continue searching for leads on the suspects, the injured grandmother says she has a strong message to the people who nearly killed her family.

"Honey, get yourself some help. Because something's wrong with a person that does not care about another individual's life," the woman said.

Witnesses say they believe gunman and the driver were in a dark-colored, 4-door, compact car.