DALLAS – A trip to the Dallas County courthouse or the District Attorney’s Office can be an intimidating event. That is why District Attorney Faith Johnson is making good on her promise to do something about it.

“I wanted to make my office accessible to the people,” Johnson said.

Just 60-days into her new role, Johnson says the District Attorney’s Office is launching 11 satellite locations. The move brings legal services and resources into the community.

“A lot of times people just won’t come to Frank Crowley to take care of their business,” Johnson explained. “It’s too far. They can’t afford it. They don’t have bus fare.”

A partnership with the City of Dallas is making the new satellite offices possible. The locations are spread across the city at select Community Court sites and Dallas Police Department patrol stations.

Residents will have rotating access to the locations three days a week.

Maureen Milligan is the Dallas City Attorney’s Office Chief of Community Prosecution and Community Courts. She says the satellite offices will focus primarily on family violence issues. Sexual assault and child abuse cases can be handled in an intimate setting at the locations. Residents can also start the process for protective orders at the sites.

“All of the locations where they will be visiting, there’s no charge to park. They are on bus lines. Citizens will be able to get to our offices easily and meet with someone quickly," Milligan said.

County and city workers say this is the first time the two agencies have put the idea into practice.

“People are so excited. People are excited, outside of Texas, the fact that Dallas County is doing this," Johnson said.

The District Attorney is calling the satellite offices a game-changer.