DALLAS -- We're getting a deeper look inside the mind of the man who killed three officers in Baton Rouge.

In Gavin Long’s latest YouTube rant, he said he was visiting Dallas. It was posted July 10, one week before he would kill three officers in Baton Rouge, and just days after another gunman killed five police officers in Dallas.

“I had already decided I was coming to Dallas before the police shooting had already happened, I guess the spiritual was telling me it was the right place to come, but before the police shooting occurred, I had already made the decision to be here,” said Long in the video, entitled “Convos with Cosmo on Protesting, Oppression, and How to Deal with Bullies.”

It was part of a series of social media posts and YouTube videos under the alias “Cosmo Setepenra.”

Long began the video saying, “Peace family. What up with y’all, I'm in Dallas right now, in the streets, on a book tour, another book tour, giving knowledge out to my people.”

Long authored several books, which were available for sale on Amazon.

A video posted to his Twitter account July 10 gives a glimpse into his trip to Dallas. In the post, he appears to be wearing a body camera inside a Dallas barber shop while handing out books.

Investigators are now combing through Long’s social media accounts as they search for a motive in his attack.
In this latest YouTube video, he advocated for violence against “oppressors,” and said he would rather die fighting than come back alive.

“100 percent of revolutions of victims fighting their oppressors, from victims fighting their bullies, 100% have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed, zero have been successful just over simply protesting,” said Long.

“You're in a world that's ran by devils. Get this through your head right now. Devils run this. They don't understand your words,” he continued.

It’s unclear at this point whether Long has any deeper connections to the Dallas area.