DALLAS – A large crowd of community members in South Dallas, who are fed up with shootings and senseless crime, took matters into their own hands early Saturday morning.

Neighbors spent the morning marching the streets and speaking out against violence. “Show me what community looks like,” a woman shouted as she led the crowd of several hundred in a chant.

Neighbors marched along Elsie Faye Heggins Boulevard, between Malcolm X and Second, on a mission to make a difference. The group said it is time for neighbors to crack down on violence crimes like drive-by shootings in the area.

“I’m fed up,” said Emma Jones, “fed up to the max!” Jones is among South Dallas neighbors tired of seeing headlines about young people shooting or falling victim to crime.

The march was organized by a group called Urban Specialists, days after gunshots were fired into a large crowd, gathered at Wheatley Park on March 19. Two teens were injured in that incident.

Early Friday morning, another two innocent bystanders were shot in the crossfire between two groups in the parking lot of Little World convenience store on Malcolm X Boulevard.

“It’s just like, ain’t nothing being done about it. Something’s got to be done about it," Jones said. 

The group was packed with marchers, young and old. There were police officers and school principals walking with families steps away from the scenes where senseless shootings happened.

"I’ve had a very close friend of mine that was killed,” explained Broddrion Hatcher.

He said he showed up to appeal to young people. "If you could just refrain from that negative activity, and those negative people, you know, you would be better off. Guns are not the answer," Hatcher said.

Neighbors said the Stop the Violence March may be a start to an answer for positive change in South Dallas. They said the march may be a start to an answer for positive change. 

“It’s powerful, because it’s like it’s bringing us together,” Jones said. “It’s a message that needs to be sent, that needs to be heard. By the big people.”