FLOWER MOUND -- Jami Thornton loves two things, Boy Scout Troop 123 and mulch.

"They call me the 'mulch maven,'" Thornton said.

Thornton first got involved with The Boy Scouts when her sons joined the organization years ago. They're both now grown and out of the house, but Thornton still helps Troop 123 with its mulch fundraiser every spring.

"This is the biggest fundraiser there is all year," Thornton said.

A few weeks ago, Thornton was crushed when she arrived at the church parking lot where they stored their mulch to find most of it had been stolen -- 141 bags were gone and 30 pallets worth about $800.

Thornton says it was a financially devastating blow and posted about the loss on a local Facebook page called "Flower Mound Cares."

"The response was overwhelming," Thornton said.

In a matter of days, dozens of people responded offering to buy extra mulch or even donate to make up for the loss. Local businessman Jason Roberts offered to buy all the mulch that was left, even though he didn't need any mulch at the time.

"You just do what is right, and we're blessed to be able to help out," Roberts said.

Both Roberts and Thornton say this is an example of what makes Flower Mound so great.

And they hope Troop 123 will remember the people who helped instead of the thieves who stole from a Boy Scout Troop at a church.