WAXAHACHIE -- Just three weeks from opening the 37th season of the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, and its staff is not letting a fire on the property get in the way of progress.

The show must go on, is how the saying goes.

“It’ll be a gorgeous place,” said Coy Sevier, the general manager.

Sevier said an electrical fire in the Renaissance Village destroyed one building and damaged another, on Tuesday.

Sevier says a two-story booth belonging to long-time vendor Pendragon Costumes was destroyed. A broom-making booth next door has minimal damage.

“Everybody came out. We were hauling buckets of water to put up on the roofs, so other buildings didn’t catch fire," Entertainment director Barbara Geary said.

Staff says it was a community effort putting out the fire and making sure flames did not spread. Geary says the crew was focused on making sure the festival stays on track to open April 8.

“Our kind of overall theme is joy and celebration, and so we are really trying to instill that in everything,” Geary explained, “So I think it will have a lighter, more joyful feel.”

As workers continue keeping an eye on the burned buildings, Pendragon Costumes is making plans to set up a temporary booth at the festival. Supporters of the California-based company are raising money to help make that happen through a crowdsource funding site. Another crowdsource site has been set up to help replace the roof of the broomstick shop.

The burned structure will be removed, and the Scarborough Renaissance Festival staff says the grounds will be ready with new entertainment and a new theme as this Renaissance Village is transformed.

“We’ve got to hang some signs. We’ve got to brush up on some paint. Get our horses in and our jousters in,” Sevier said.

The staff is all set for a successful 37th season.

For more details about the 37th Scarborough Renaissance Festival, you can visit the website here.