There is no better way to connect with people than face-to-face contact. That is especially the case between police and the community.

The Wylie Police Department is taking it a step further and has ordered trading cards for all its officers. The cards have the officer's pictures on front and a brief description of them on the back. There are also details about the officer's hobbies and things they enjoy.

"We carry a couple with us on shift," said Officer Nuria Arroyo of Wylie Police.

It is one way to open the proverbial curtain between a person in uniform and the person on the street. WFAA was on-hand when Officer Arroyo handed out her cards to children in the Wylie Library.

"I respect that. It's a way to connect with the community, and I think it's a great program," said mother Tiffany Hicks.

You can expect Gunner's card, their K-9, and their school resource officer's to be in high demand.

"We have officers who want to trade among each other," said Arroyo.

If there is one place that may understand the value of cards, it's Sheri Hamilton of an antique shop in Wylie.

"The kids in the community will love this. They love to collect things," said Sheri Hamilton of Doc Holliday's Emporium. "If I got an autograph, I might be able to charge $3 for them," Hamilton said jokingly.

Surely, a signature always fetches more. But no, these aren't for sale and this is all in good fun. These cards are worth much much more.

"This is to foster a lasting positive relationship with police officers and the youth," said Arroyo.

If you had all the cards, you'd have 54 in your set and that value is more than anything you can put a price tag on.