Students at Ereckson Middle School in Allen got a surprise Wednesday morning when a goat followed them to school -- and even made it indoors.

Dana Goedel posted a video of the goat crossing the street near the school.

“Oh my God,” he daughter, Brooke, shouts in the video, which Goedel asked WFAA to post without audio. “He’s going to school!”

Goedel wrote in the post that the goat followed a group of kids to the school, and made it inside with some encouragement from the kids. She added that the goat made it to safety after its visit to the school.

“A goat, yes a GOAT, decided to follow some kids all the way to the middle school and actually made it inside - kids may have had something to do with that part,” she wrote. “He was such a happy little goat!! But he is safe and we got to laugh our heads [off] you can tell from Brooke’s excitement in the video. Good way to start the day with smiles on everyone’s faces. It was like Santa stopping by, but for middle schoolers!”