MCKINNEY, Texas -- An unannounced guest for dinner can be one of the rudest things someone can do. However what happened Thursday in the Stubbe home wasn't quite like that.

A deer had barged through their front glass storm door. It left a trail starting outside, with scattered wood chips to hoof marks on the wood floor. It's one of the last things you'd expect to see barge in through the door in suburban McKinney.

"It seemed like forever. It was probably 30 seconds to a minute," said Jeff Stubbe.

The young deer slipped and staggered onto the wood floor; it was as startled as the family was.

"I'm like 'Who do I call?' Who do you call in a situation like that?" said Jeff.

Dottie, their little part Dachshund, hasn't been the same. She escaped within inches of the deer. Also, the family had just bought the storm door three weeks ago. Thankfully, the glass only popped out.

"[Built for] storm rain, hail, but not an 80 to 100 pound baby deer," laughed Amy Stubbe.

The deer did quickly make it out of the home. The city says after it was caught by Animal Services, it didn't survive long.

It's more attention than this family would have liked. "We're just a little family in McKinney," said Amy.

A family that now has quite a story to share around the dinner table.