FRISCO — It's probably one of the most difficult topics for parents to talk about with their children. But a Collin County volunteer group is making child abuse prevention their calling... with the help of music and puppets.

Jane Donovan volunteers at the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County. She helped create the Kids Count Players.

"Just giving children the information that they need in a fun, safe way," she explained.

The Muppet-like puppets use music to educate students about abuse and neglect.

"Really, what we'd love to do is perform for the kids while the parents are sitting right behind them," Donovan said.

Parent Betty Crowe is on board with the Kids Count approach. "It's one of those subjects that's hard as a parent to approach," she said. "I've been to seminars for parents only, and I have all those notes sitting on my desk that I haven't had the guts yet to sit and talk with the kids about it."

But after seeing the show, Crowe's kindergarten-age daughter Sofia gets the primary message: "Nobody can get in your space," she said.

A recent performance at Nichols Elementary School in Frisco marked 75,000 students who've now seen the Kids Count Players since they started a decade ago.

"Earlier this year where we performed, we had a child disclose to the counselor while we were performing," Donovan said.

Proof enough for her that puppets and music are working to raise awareness of child abuse in the target audience.