Things are buzzing near the $3-billion Legacy West development in Plano. The 100-acre campus is home to the new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters for Toyota.

Monday starts the first wave of employees moving into the new digs, where some 250 employees will make their way each week, according to a company spokesman.

The new building, where a flurry of workers were adding finishing touches Wednesday ahead of the big move-in, will be home to the office jobs. Translation: this is not a plant, no cars will be built here.

In addition to the already 1,700 employees workings at a temporary headquarters nearby, Toyota plans on filling an additional 1,000 jobs locally. As the city swells with new workers, so will the traffic.

“Traffic is a symptom of success, but we’re on top of it like Plano always is,” said Sally Bane, executive director of economic development for the city of Plano. “It’s good news for Plano because that wave of will help start contributing to the estimated $7-billion of impact that the city of Plano will benefit from over a 10-year-period.”

At capacity, the campus can hold 4,000 employees. Beginning Monday, the employees moving in are the already 1,700 hundred employees already in North Texas. The move from the temporary to the new headquarters will take several weeks.

New apartment homes, restaurants and shops have gone up nearby in anticipation of the new neighbors. The area is also home to the other large corporate headquarters like FedEx and JCPenny.

There are multiple street construction projects currently in the works to help ease congestion. Still, city officials project the intersection of S.H. 121 and Legacy Drive – where the cities of Plano and Frisco meet – will bottleneck until traffic flow is smoothed out.

“Plano is on top of creating alternative ways to get to your office, alternative times to get to your office and home, and, also opening up new pathways to get to their work from their home,” Bane said. “Plano’s it. It is the place to be.”