McKinney Police Officer Matt Baxter can sit at a spot near the off-ramp of Highway 75 North and catch one act happen over and over and over.

"This happens all day everyday," Sgt. Baxter said.

The exit for Highway 380 off of 75 North is met with a strip of double white lines, which are crossed constantly and onto the service road. WFAA spent some time out with McKinney Police's traffic unit and tallied 27 infractions in a 3-minute span.

"It's just a major problem in McKinney," said Officer Jeff McGee.

McKinney is a city still growing and Highway 75 is notoriously busy at times. Combined with the latest traffic trend on Highway 380, it makes for a very bad mix.

"There are a lot of businesses, restaurants, and people trying to get home," said Baxter.

McKinney Police tallied 15 accidents and over 200 citations in this one spot over three months. Several road rage incidents have also been reported at the location. Often times, the accidents are caused by vehicles coming at a high rate of speed, crossing the line and into traffic already coming down the service road.

McGee is especially concerned about the 18 wheelers that take the ramp.

"When they're exiting, they're crossing the double white lines, and they have a blind spot," he said.

McKinney Police said it could write hundreds of tickets a day, but it would rather people just know and stop doing it.

"I just want the public's help because we can't solve this by ourselves," said Baxter.

You may call it growing pains. The population has exploded in Collin County, but it's still crossing the line.