MCKINNEY, Texas - Football is king in Texas. You can imagine the celebration after a McKinney High School senior broke a state rushing record Thursday night.

Running back Matt Gadek carried the ball 49 times for 599 rushing yards, said Coach Jeff Smith, topping the state UIL record by 12 yards, and assuring a 63 to 50 win over Plano East.

Gadek didn't realize he was even close to breaking the record, until the second to last play.

"My coach came up to me and he goes, 'Hey Matt, you have one chance to get the record. You have one carry, you have 25 yards, and then you'll get the state record.' And I was like, 'Okay, okay, I got this,'" remembered Gadek.

A day later, Gadek is tired and sore, but elated. His classmates are celebrating, and his social media is blowing up.

"I could tell my kids, I could tell everyone I could tell my family. It's just something I'm really going to value for a long time," said Gadek.

"Incredible player," said Coach Jeff Smith. "Coached a long time, and he's clearly special."

Gadek hasn't had much interest from colleges, but stay tuned after his new state record. He said Southern Methodist University and Baylor University are his favorites.

He said challenges just drive him to work harder.

"Everyone who's doubting me, who's saying your running form isn't right. Anger and frustration make me work harder, makes us work harder," said Gadek.

There are three more games to make the playoffs. Gadek said he is going to work just as hard next week. And he hopes to one day play for the Cowboys, with the chip still on his shoulder.

"This team is on the upswing, and I don't think it's going to be coming down anytime soon," said Gadek.