If you’re planning to squeeze in one last road trip before the summer ends, there are a few hot spots in Texas where you might want to slow down.

Especially if you’re planning on a trip to South Padre Island.

Two of the Texas counties where Texas Department of Public Safety troopers write the most tickets are on the state’s southern tip, Hidalgo and Cameron, which are on the Texas Gulf Coast. Harris County (Houston) also has a bunch.

Closer to home, there’s a better chance of getting a ticket from a DPS trooper in Parker or Collin counties than Tarrant or Dallas, according to a Star-Telegram analysis of Texas Department of Public Safety data from 2012 through 2016.

Parker County ranked No. 9 on the list with 26,506 tickets, and Collin County is No. 10 with 26,431. Dallas is No. 13 at 13,714 and Tarrant County ranks No. 48 with 9,674.

Other North Texas counties include: Wise 22,844; Denton 21,262; and Johnson 13,732.

“People die and are seriously injured every day in senseless, preventable vehicle crashes — all because someone chose to drive irresponsibly, including speeding,” said Tom Vinger, a DPS spokesman. “We are unapologetic about our Troopers’ efforts to enforce all laws in every area of the state, and we’re proud of the critical role they play in keeping our roadways safe for everyone.”

Across Texas, more than 1.6 million speeding tickets were issued by troopers in the past five years.

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