If a toy is going to get the coveted title of the "Preschooler-Approved Top 10 Toys of 2017," it has to pass through the hands of a group of experts in Frisco first.

Experts like 2-year-old Addison who raced across her classroom Wednesday to grab a hidden Elmo doll broadcasting its location in Elmo's unmistakable voice.

"Oh it's a child's dream," said Kristina Stone, owner of The Goddard School Frisco location. The Goddard School (Goddard Systems, Inc.) has more than 460 schools in 36 states. For the 10th year, 50 of those schools are taking part in their annual toy test.

Goddard has its own toy test committee, comprised of early childhood education experts. The committee reviews applications from nearly 100 world-wide toy manufacturers. Based on interactivity, collaboration, and skill development, the toys are reduced to the top 25. Those toys are now being tested, i.e. played with, by the children with additional votes cast by teachers and parents.

"Really that collaboration that they're going to get when they're in a group also will help what makes a good toy," said Stone.

The testing lasts all this week, so we don't know yet what the Top 10 will be. But on our visit to Frisco, we did learn that 4-year-old Grayson approves of a matching animal game called Science on a Tracking Expedition.

"The stickers and the animals," he said were contributing factors in his decision.

We learned that 4 1/2 year old Hallie is an expert on baby animals. "Maybe from milk," she told her classmates about the best food for baby animals. "Babies love milk!"

And 4-year-old Julian is a fan of animals, particularly if that animal happens to be a possum. "Because they're a cool creature," he told us. "They have pouches."

The Goddard Schools nationwide will tally the votes for the Top 10 Preschooler-Approved Toys and announce the results on November 1. Voting will be opened to the public until November 10 on The Goddard School's Toy Test website.