ANNA, Texas – Two heartbroken families in Anna are now mourning the loss of two teens who lives were cut short.

Among the four killed in a multi-car crash was Anna High School student Abigail Kendall.

The soon-to-be sophomore loved to sing, her journey to the stage well-documented on social media.

She’s seen singing on Instagram "Ghost" by Halsey, a haunting ballad about love lost, and others like “The A-Team” by one of her favorite singers, Ed Sheeran.

Devastated by Abigail’s passing, her family and friends turned to Facebook. Others still can’t believe the news.

“I just couldn’t believe that had happened,” said Marina Tapia, a classmate at Anna High School, adding that the girls had English together. “I was just shocked. I would never think that would happen to her. It was just shocking and sad at the same time.”

Former Anna ISD student Brianna Gesino was also killed in the crash that injured 11 people, including two other Anna High School Students.

In a post on Facebook, Anna ISD offered condolences and provided counseling for students struggling with the loss.

With Abigail’s mom is a Collin County Detention Officer, the Collin County Deputies Association has stepped in to help with funeral expenses. Abigail's funeral will be held at Anna High School at 2p.m. Monday.

Attendees are asked to wear black and blue.

A fund at the Texas Star Bank’s Anna branch was set up to help the family of Brianna Gesino.

While the families long for their daughters, the world will still have Abigail’s voice.