BLUE RIDGE, Texas — Bill Armstrong, a deputy and father of two, isn't one to ask for help.

For years, he has been planning his dream home on a 20-acre lot.

The Collin County deputy has spent countless hours working on his piece of paradise. But to say he has gone through adversity would be a severe understatement. In the December tornadoes, his nearly 90-percent complete home was demolished by the tornado that went through Blue Ridge.

Bill Armstrong

Like most would do, most determined enough, he set to work on his home again. More than three months later, another tornado raced through and brought his home down.

"I've never quit anything in my life," said the former US Marine.

Thankfully, there's a strong group of supporters behind Armstrong. Among his supporters is Dadra Bundick, who organized a party of people to stop by the area and help clean up the mess.

Bill Armstrong lives in a camper while he attempts to complete his home after two tornadoes in Blue Ridge. 

For the time being, Armstrong lives in a camper on the property. He pours in hours at a time almost a daily working on that home.

News 8 asked him what drives him and he says he's wanted to live on a Farm Style property since he was a kid. He said that was the way he grew up and he wants that for his two sons too.