It was a dream that Bill Armstrong had since he was a child: to live in a house on a farm. He's been working toward that dream day and night and in between shifts as a deputy for the Collin County Sheriff's Department.

"We're talking two years of solid work...long years," Armstrong said.

That dream was interrupted twice with two separate tornadoes only months apart. Both had torn down various stages of his build."He never made a complaint. He never once uttered a discouraging word. He just came out here and started clearing the mess," said Sheriff Jim Skinner.

Skinner got word of Armstrong's challenges and helped mobilize people to come help a deputy who isn't the type to ask for help. WFAA told you his story of determination and his drive to build a third time.

But in the summer of 2016 a developer by the name of Hill & Wilkinson stepped in to make Armstrong's dream a reality.

"Homes are not what we do," said Paul Driscoll who is with the development company. Driscoll says the company specializes in commercial developments but felt compelled after seeing Armstrong's story.

"It just hit home with me that we got to help this guy out a little bit," Driscoll said.

The developer, with the help of other subcontractors, helped build the farm home Armstrong had always wanted. All of the time, work, and materials were donated. It was a home reinforced in every way possible Driscoll said.

After nearly two years of living out of a camper, Armstrong is moved into his home with the look-out of his pond like he's dreamed of. Armstrong is proof that some things just can't be taught. There are other projects on his farm, like a horse barn, waiting for his attention.

"Figure out your dream and spend every waking moment to get that dream," Armstrong said.