Charges have been dropped against a couple accused of kidnapping a woman and shackling her to a bed in their house.

On Jan. 26, police arrested 51-year-old Jean-Claude and 48-year-old Charlotte Demars at their home after officers found a woman shackled to the bed. The couple’s attorney, Kristin Brown, confirmed to WFAA that Ovilla police dropped the charges.

Brown said they are being released from Ellis County Jail.

The woman allegedly had been held at their home against their will since mid-January. According to an affidavit, she told police she woke up shackled at the home after Mr. Demars gave her a drink at a gas station on Jan. 14.

The victim told authorities that for about eight years she was involved in an on-and-off-again affair with Mr. Demars, who paid for her to stay at a hotel. However, he eventually halted payments and she moved into a women's shelter, where Mr. Demars picked her up the day of the alleged kidnapping.

At the home, the victim was allegedly told she would be "Charlotte's slave" and forced to clean up dog feces inside the home. She told police she was only given a bucket to use the restroom.

Officers seized hand and leg cuffs, chains and collars that were found inside the home.

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